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S.R. Bowl with Handle

Sale price9.990 kr.

Characterized by their simplistic yet prominent black-rim detailing, Sophia’s Bubble Glass composition captures her take on the original array by LOUISE ROE. The assemblage commemorates the craftsmanship of glass-blowing, which endows each object an individual character and purposefully so. 

The Bubble Glass Bowl with handle is thoughtfully designed to provide a visually charming and effortless drinking experience, offered by its playful design and comforting grip.

Refrain from pouring boiling water into the bowl.

Ø10 H6,5 cm

The S.R. collection captures a modern take on classic tableware. From softly glazed ceramics to distinctive glassware, mouth-blown glass objects and premium tablecloths, the array comprises all necessary articles for a covetable table setting.Sophia and her mother, interior designer Louise Roe Andersen, have mingled their creative philosophies and personal aesthetics to curate a series of hand-crafted homewares. Whilst this is their very first collaborative collection, the two have long been working alongside one another, intertwining in various aspects of life, especially business.

The S.R. collection embraces a muted palette, capturing an organic blend between feminine and masculine design traits. Approached from a Scandinavian design point of view, the homewares explore different artistic curiosities, drawing inspiration from interior eras of Bauhaus and Romanticism.

“My mother and I collaborate in numerous aspects of life and business too. Of course, the collaboration made perfect sense due to both of our creative languages. It's focused on long-lasting materials and the appreciation of our Scandinavian heritage.” - Sophia Roe 

S.R. Bowl with Handle
S.R. Bowl with Handle Sale price9.990 kr.