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Louise Roe S.R. Collection

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S.R. Bowl with HandleS.R. Bowl with Handle
S.R. Bowl with Handle Sale price9.990 kr.
S.R. CarafeS.R. Carafe
S.R. Carafe Sale price37.990 kr.
S.R. Collection Dessert Plate
S.R. Collection Dessert Plate Sale price6.490 kr.
S.R. Collection Dinner PlateS.R. Collection Dinner Plate
S.R. Collection Dinner Plate Sale price12.990 kr.
S.R. Collection Large Shallow BowlS.R. Collection Large Shallow Bowl
S.R. Collection Lunch PlateS.R. Collection Lunch Plate
S.R. Collection Lunch Plate Sale price8.990 kr.
S.R. Collection Small Shallow BowlS.R. Collection Small Shallow Bowl
S.R. Drinking Glass LowS.R. Drinking Glass Low
S.R. Drinking Glass Low Sale price8.990 kr.
S.R. Drinking Glass TallS.R. Drinking Glass Tall
S.R. Drinking Glass Tall Sale price9.990 kr.
S.R. Vintage Tray Deco BlackS.R. Vintage Tray Deco Black
S.R. Vintage Tray Deco Black Sale price125.000 kr.
S.R. Vintage Vase Deco ClearS.R. Vintage Vase Deco Clear
S.R. Vintage Vase Deco Clear Sale price105.000 kr.