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Natura Collection Hair Brush

Sale price6.490 kr.

 Natura brushes stand for elegance, charm and craftsmanship. This oval brush features an ergonomic handle in beech wood with a natural rubber cushion and wooden pins with rounded tips. Specially designed to detangle hair gently and to massage the scalp delicately, this brush is ideal for medium, thin, thick, and straight hair and suitable for blow drying and styling.

Beechwood brushes are hand-finished and never varnished. Beechwood is naturally anti-static.
  • Product Description
  • Directions Of Use
  • Ergonomic handle in beech wood
    Natural rubber cushion
    Hornbeam pins with rounded tips

  • Starting from the mid-section, or few inches from the end of your hair, brush down the hair’s length. Moving the brush further up a couple of inches at a time, continue brushing downwards until you reach the scalp and the hair is fully detangled. To finish, gently stimulate the scalp by running the brush over the scalp in the direction of the hair’s fall a few times.

Natura Collection Hair Brush
Natura Collection Hair Brush Sale price6.490 kr.