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Langue Chair | Steel Armrest | Plastic Shell

Sale price55.900 kr.


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  • As the seat connects with the back, it narrows, almost forming a waist to the chair.

    In its design expression, Langue aims for simplicity and timelessness while exploring the interplay between form and ergonomics, experimenting with altering the shape of the classic shell chair. The sculptural curves of the chair are designed to follow the body, ensuring comfort during extended periods of sitting, while an elastic backrest adds extra comfort when leaning back. 

    Langue is offered with steel legs in black or brass, adding a sense of lightness and airiness to the chair. The seat comes in three variations: with a plastic seat, upholstery and soft upholstery, allowing for different expressions to complement the surrounding environment. The armrests is crafted in steel to maintain the chair's light expression, while a piece of wood on the armrest ensures comfortable support.

    Product facts:
    - Comfortable chairs for residential or commercial settings with unlimited potential combinations
    - Langue is French for tongue referencing the shape of the seat
    - Molded Polypropylene seat
    - Available as normal upholstery or soft upholstery with 3 cm thick foam for added comfort
    - Wood base is L2 certified
    - Made in Latvia

    - Rune Krøjgaard and Knut Bendik Humlevik, 2011

    Made to order:
    - 6-8 weeks

  • Width: 50 cm
    Depth: 51 cm
    Height: 78 cm
    Seat height: 46 cm

  • Aluminium frame with molded Polypropylene seatupholstered with high-end eco-conscious leather from Sørensen Leather. Upcycled Armrest out of seasoned NORR11 elephant chairs.

Langue Chair | Steel Armrest | Plastic Shell
Langue Chair | Steel Armrest | Plastic Shell Sale price55.900 kr.