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Hippo Lounge

Sale price436.990 kr.

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  • Inspired by the forms of the 70’s, but designed for a modern lifestyle, Hippo stands out for its free-spirited design.

    The distinctive wooden profile of Hippo Lounge acts as an almost architectural element that starkly contrasts with the rounded, soft back and seat. The stitching in the middle of the seat is deliberately placed here to create the desired round shape for Hippo Lounge.

    The lounge chair permits a reversed seating position and because there is not only one way to sit, it demands more from the construction. The reinforcement of the back, mounted inside the seat, ensures that Hippo Lounge is just as durable as beautiful. 

    Product facts:
    - Legs available in four different FSC certified oak finishes
    - Water-based lacquer
    - Available in a wide variety of fabrics and leathers
    - Different upholsteries can have different appearances and some fabrics may wrinkle slightly around the curved seat
    - Made in Latvia
    - Made to order: 6-8 weeks


    - Kristian Sofus Hansen and Tommy Hyldahl, 2021

    New Arrival:
    - Please contact us to pre-order for Q1, 2022
  • Width: 70 cm
    Depth: 83.5 cm
    Height: 70 cm
    Seating Height: 39 cm

  • Seat: Plywood and Cut Foam
    Backrest: Massive Oak and Cut Foam
    Legs: Massive Oak

    FSC certified oak and high-quality leather from Sørensen Leather or eco-conscious sourced fabrics.

    NORR11's entire range of wooden furniture is produced with water-based lacquer. Using water-based lacquers instead of standard lacquers reduces the emission of harmful substances significantly, improving indoor and external climates while making for better working conditions in the production phase.


Hippo Lounge
Hippo Lounge Sale price436.990 kr.